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Bulletproof Barriers

At Transparent Ballistic Solutions, our goal is to provide you with the highest level of customer service possible in the industry. It’s our sincere desire to provide you with all the information you need so we can design, manufacture and install a product that suits all your security and ballistic requirements. We understand that the protection of your staff and other critical assets is crucial to the continued success of your business. Transparent Ballistic Solutions can combine any of the products we offer and create the most comprehensive protection solution for your business.

With over 20 years experience in bulletproof barrier systems, Transparent Ballistic Solutions has become a leader in the bulletproof glass industry. Our expert staff has the experience to assist you on your project from start to finish, to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our staff provides the best solutions to our clients by utilizing the most current and cutting-edge technologies available.

Regardless of your geographic location Transparent Ballistic Solutions can install your customized design package anywhere in the United States. We also offer complete manufactured packages to Contractors & Glaziers for their own installation. Our bulletproof designs are tailored with aesthetics in mind, we offer product lines in Levels 1-8.

When utilizing an open floor plan or taking advantage of a new building with bullet resistant security in mind. TBSi can design your product from the ground up. We will create your bullet resistant custom counters with your facility in mind. We can build straight counters on die walls, pedestals with custom shelving, counters with risers, etc. while all being bullet resistant from the floor to the finish height of your system. This will ensure the safety of all behind the barrier at all times. Available in Levels 1-3.

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